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"Somewhere in California, I was inspired by the light and the clouds and felt home on this planet "EARTH" for the first time in my life, ever since I was born. As a kid Hollywood was the place on a mountain, where the Angels whisper humans into their ears, what message needs to be spread all over the world for global peace and love. I heard the angels playing harf and classical music so beautifully, I never listened to anything like this before" I knew there is the need to spread a message here on earth. It is our duty to do this, and there is no other choice. Then I saw light breaking through a cloud and the name LIGHTTOUCHDREAMS and "felt" it again "LIGHTTOUCH" while Dreams appeared in front of my inner eye. When I jumped into the water and looked up from beneath the deep blue towards the SUN, while waterdrops were falling onto the surface of the crystal lake. In each single drop I could read the word LIGHTTOUCHDREAMS. As they reached the water`s surface and spread in wide circles, I dived out of the water and arrived at the shore of LOS ANGELES, the city of angels and climbed up the mountain of HOLLYWOOD and just listened to the Angels not to the Humans. And LIGHT TOUCHED me. And DREAMS tought me about faith truth, unconditional love and piece on earth for Humans while feeling the soundwaves of the most beautiful music ever floated through my entire body. LOVE was felt through being able to understand myself and others, cause light opened my eyes and connected DREAMS with my inner eye. Suddenly this information merged into a  waterdrop and spread in little circles all over the world like the lightful drop was touching the watersurface...

continuesly spreading... creating bigger and bigger circles of LIGHT to open eyes.    LIGHT   TOUCH  DREAMS

LIGHT TOUCH DREAMS   serves all visions and genres including commercials, independent features and documentaries.  Light Touch Dreams Studios is the Hollywood feature branch of our German / US film production company. 


We are flexible, wholehearted, authentic and work internationally in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. as a full service production company. Our services include developing concepts, scripts and workshops, establishing virals, producing spots for theaters as well as industry and image films. Most importantly, we specialiye in the production of feature length films for the Hollywood and European markets. 


LIGHT TOUCH DREAMS  is a full service filmproductions, Venice Beach, CA-desert, New York City. Our mission is to create high quality commercials, spots, documentaries, shorts and features worldwide. we create all genres and support independent, international filmmakers.We have all the technical equipment in-house; including lights, camcorders, lenses, grip, a postproduction editing suite, a sound-design studio as well as a sound-studio and a color-grading suite.  We shoot high definiton and analog, 4k, 6k, 8k.




HEIDE FLIEGNER is film producer and  founder of rollcallproductions / rollcallpictures -- Munich. Heide Fliegner runs the full service film production, founded in 2001, has produced  for  major  clients on the international market — Europe, China, USA -- and has produced more than 450 commercials, documetaries and independent features. She won over the last two years 18 international Awards in the US, 3 golden Remis, same awards won by young Spielberg, Lucas and Cohen Brothers.


Heide Fliegner, aka Judith Jerome, also continues to act frequently as a cinematographer/DP and director for high end projects and develops and writes scripts and concepts for commercials,  independent features, and documentaries. Heide Fliegner advises marketing strategies and and built up international brands. She has also been an active instructor for  post-production, editing and producing at Sachtler Academy, and has taught film production and coached students and young talents at schools across Germany as well as in US, the NFI in Nashville, LAPAC in Santa Monica and the New Holllywoodshool with Prof Silvia Kratzer in Hollywood.


Heide Fliegner, Natalia Lazarus and Professor Silvia Kratzer are working as an effective and dynamic team to develop new film projects for both the European and the US market; their mission is to build bridges and set up new and innovative platforms for international filmmakers to connect their ideas, visions and concepts. Matthias Raffeis and James Thomas Riley act as Screenwriter and Creative Producer on some of the feature projects.

FIlmart is holistic- it requires using all your senses “and and it demands a basic honesty from your heart and soul- towards your ideas, the possibilities of realisation and your team. Everyone must serve the vision and merely serves the idea.  MOVIES can open new horizons, build intercultural bridges, serve the truth, generate emotions and entice. It s not an occupation it s a way of life- a philosophy the ART of a good message - that is able to manifest through a motion picture” 

– judith jerome aka heide fliegner 

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